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***UPDATE as of 11/19/2017*** The IWLA Campground will accept no new campers. Pending upcoming Board discussions, the campground may be closed 01/01/2019. Please contact the board for further information. **** Here are some local RV Service locations provided by one of our fellow campers: Wash- Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Fredricksburg 50 So. Gateway Dr. Fredericksburg, VA 22406 I-95, Exit 133B Across from Target 540-371-3786 Waste Dump- Aquia Pines Camp Resort 3071 Jefferson Davis Hwy Stafford VA 22554 US 540-659-3447 *** Based on direction from the IWLA President and Board the campsites have been measured and categorized as Small, Medium, and Large. The approved fee structure starting 1 Jan 2018 is: Small = $300 Medium = $400 Large = $500 Deposits remain: Towed Camper = $600 Motorized RV = $1000 For those that do not wish to lease a site for the entire year but still would like to utilize the campground, daily rentals of non-leased sites at the cost of $10 a day has been approved. This will require prior coordination through the Campground Chair or caretaker. The fee is payable to the caretaker or at the dropbox located at the caretakers residence. Please mark payment as being a daily campground rental. Here are the size classifications and status of each site (cao 1 Sep 2017): Site SIZE STATUS 1 Medium Leased 2 Medium Leased 3 Medium Available 4 Medium Available 5 Small Leased 6 Small Leased 7 Small Available 8 Small Available 9 Medium Available 10 Medium Leased 11 Medium Leased 12 Medium Leased 13 Medium Available 14 Medium Dry Camping 15 Medium Leased 16 Medium Leased 17 Large Available 18 Large Available 19 Small Dry Camping 20 Medium Available 21 Medium Available 22 Medium Leased 23 Large Leased 24 Medium Leased 25 Medium Available 26 Large Leased 27 Medium Leased 28 Medium Leased 29 Medium Leased 30 Medium Available 31 Medium Available 32 Medium Leased 33 Medium Reaserching 34 Large Leased 35 Large Leased 36 Small Dry Camping 37 Small Dry Camping 38 Small Available 39 Medium Leased 40 Medium Leased 41 Large Available 42 Medium Leased 43 Medium Leased 44 Large Available 45 Medium Leased 46 Large Available 47 N/A Porta John 48 Medium Leased 49 Large Leased 50 Large Leased 51 Medium Leased 52 Small Leased 53 Medium Leased 54 N/A N/A 55 N/A N/A 56 Medium Leased 57 Large Available 58 Large Leased 59 Small Leased 60 Medium Leased 61 Medium Available 62 Medium Leased 63 Medium Leased 64 Medium Available 65 Medium Leased 66 Large Leased 67 Medium Leased 68 Medium Leased 69 Large Leased 70 Medium Leased
There are two types of camping: Tent (contact the caretaker), and Regular (contact the Camping Chair).
For more information, contact:
Bethany Harvey, Camping Committee Chair , IWLAConservation[AT]outlook[DOT]com , (Log in to see additional contact info)
Peter Harvey, Camping Committee Chair , iwlahunting[AT]outlook[DOT]com , (Log in to see additional contact info)

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