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President's Corner

President’s letter regarding Land Use Survey dated 11/26/2017 To All As stated in the last Exec Committee meeting, my newsletter and President's Corner input, I am appointing the Chair for the Special Committee for conducting a Land Use Survey Mike Mooney has volunteered and is hereby appointed as Chairman of the committee. Any Chapter members desiring to volunteer are to contact Mike. He will consolidate and submit the names of the volunteers for the President to appoint to the Committee. The Charter for the committee is to look at the current use of the 28 acres that is currently reserved for 64 RV sites (non-resident) and occupied by 41 members. The committee will meet and examine: 1. Continue current use of the 28 acres as is (14% of our land exclusively used by ~3% of the members), but in a manner that is not detrimental to the operation of the entire chapter. 2. Continue some number of RV sites less than the current 64 sites where it makes business sense and to the best benefit to the chapter as a whole and best use to the land committed to RV sites. 3. Address the continuing issue of abandoned campers and how to ensure the campers and sites do not take an inordinate amount of the Chapter leadership's, Caretakers time and Chapter financial resources which can be better benefit the membership. 4. Recommend alternative uses of some or all of the 28 acres to the best benefit of the chapter and the current desires of the chapter membership as a whole. 5. Use the ERS Range Survey previously authorized to contribute to the Committee deliberations. Obtain Exec Committee authorization if the scope of the ERS effort need to be increased 6. Use Chapter Attorney/Counsel for opinion if required 7. The Committee is directed to take a holistic approach with regard to the entire chapter and the chapters current operations. The Committee should meet at least once per month, but as all are volunteers the Chair shall set meeting dates with the committee members. The Committee SHALL report out to the Executive Committee at a Special Meeting to take place at 1030 The Third Sunday of April 2018 (the Safety Committee meeting normally scheduled for that time shall be postponed). The Committee shall provide items discussed and researched and if possible recommendations for the future short term and long plan for land use of the current 28 acres constituting the 64 RV sites. The IAW the By-laws the Committee formally ends with the term of the current president. The Committee may ask for extension to the May election at the April meeting. The Committee may ask for 'Reappointment' from the newly elected/reelected President extension to the May election and extension past the May Election will be determined by the newly elected President. Mike Scherr Chapter President ****************************************************** PLEASE CHECK THE WEB SITE FOR UP TO DATE RANGE A FACILITY STATUS The Chapter continues to have significant issues with the RV sites and especially abandoned campers (we have another which will cost much time, effort and cost to dispose of). All who must work significant hours to fix these and other related problems are volunteers, except our attorney who must be paid to advise the Chapter. We all have families and jobs. The RV ‘campers’ add significant issues to the leadership workload, with only 41 members out of about 1200 benefiting from the camping sites. These members (except about three) offer no assistance with these issues, even after requests from the leadership and in spite their membership pledge. The Executive Board has directed that a Land Use Survey for the 28 acres currently occupied by the RV sites be conducted early in 2018. This Committee will recommend to the Board: 1. If it is worthwhile to continue the RV camping at the current number of sites or 2. Reduce the number of sites, and/or 3. Find new and better use of the land that will benefit a wider portion of the membership. To prevent and minimize disruption to RV site leasers, the Board has directed that NO additional sites will be leased until the survey has been completed and presented. Along with that direction, the Chapter is giving a year’s notice that it may shut down and not lease any sites on/after 31 Dec 2018, depending on the results of the survey, to allow current leasers’ to find new places to store their RV’s. This is a decision that can be changed or modified depending on the results of the survey. If you have suggestions and wish to work on the Land Use Survey Committee, please submit your name for this special committee to the President and First VP. Comments and suggestions will not be taken by email but only at the Land Use Survey Committee meetings. The Budget Committee will send their recommendations forward to the BOD for their deliberations and decision before the Jan 2018 meeting. We have a lot of activities going on here at the chapter. You all pledged to help, so please do so. LACK OF VOLUNTEERS WILLING TO HELP IS CAUSING A RESTRUCTURING of the Chapter resources to those activities with volunteers. The RV situation is an example where, we have members that demand that their agenda be considered, obtain financial benefit, but when asked, they do not wish to volunteer to help or implement what they asked for. Our next Rifle/Pistol competition is a Steel Challenge Match the first Saturday of December. Steel Challenge requires pistol calibers like .45 ACP, 9mm Luger or .22LR. Shooters may use Pistol Caliber Carbines for the first time (i.e. carbines chambered for .45, 9mm .22 and similar ammo). If you have any questions, please contact Ed MacBride. Finally, Virginia Williams sent a thank you note for our contribution in Pete Williams’ name to their church. See our web site announcement.
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