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Our next NRL22 Match will be held on our rifle range on 28 July 2024.

We will be shooting Option 1 of the official February 2024 course. Course of Fire Practiscore signup link: Register

This is a precision rifle match shooting 0.25" – 6" targets at distances from 15 yards to 100 yards with a .22LR rifle from various positions. This is a national match with a standardized course of fire shot monthly at clubs all around the country. For more information including full rules, please see

The match will occupy the left side of the rifle range, and the right side of the rifle range will remain open to RSO-controlled recreational fire for members - much like on a guest day. Please be prepared for occasional short breaks to allow rec shooters to set up, tear down, and repair targets.

0730 – 0830 Check-in and set up
0830 – 0900 Safety Brief, Match Description
0900 – 0930 Zero confirmation, DOPE gathering, Q&A
0930 Match Begins

Those arriving after the safety brief and match description are welcome to watch but will not be allowed to shoot.

The nationally posted matches will always consist of 5 stages. Each stage will have a maximum of 12 rounds fired per stage. However, due to the unreliability of .22LR ammo, it is recommended to bring extra to the firing line. Occasionally, we will also shoot a 5-10 round bonus stage.

What you need:

- .22LR rifle with detachable magazine. Scope with ranging reticle recommended, but not required
- Chamber flag (If you do not have one, one will be provided)
- Two magazines (at least one should be 12+ rounds)
- .22LR ammo (no other calibers allowed)
- Sling, bipod, sandbags, spotting scopes, shooting mats recommended, but not required
- Ear and eye protection

Recommendation: Bring ammo sold in 50-100rd boxes with individually held rounds rather than bulk boxes of loose ammo. Generally, this indicates higher quality.

Questions? Ask!

Bring what you have, and we will make it work. Do not go buy tons of equipment until you understand what does or doesn't work for you. Most folks are more than willing to share bags, mats, etc. Just ask!

For more information, contact:
Landon Caley, NRL22 , Send Message , (Log in to see additional contact info)